Cars and other vehicles on the road have often been blamed as the cause of climate change, along with wasteful energy use. Therefore, the number of cars on the road is believed to have contributed to the carbon emissions that have brought about climate change and global warming. A lot of initiatives have come about to urge us away from driving such as the increase in fuel or road tax motoring costs.

As easy as it is for the government to say we should use cars less and opt for public transport instead, for many workers the only realistic way to get to work is via a car. Luckily advancements in the motor industry have brought about new cars that either use less fuel or reduce emissions to a more acceptable level.

These cars tend to have an engine that uses new more efficient fuel such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or cars that have an electrical engine to handle the slower urban driving such as hybrid cars. These vehicles perform just as well as regular cars but have green credentials that really help the driver save money.

Fuel costs

Hybrids cars use electric batteries as well as a petrol engine to help use less fuel which means you won't have to spend as much money to top up your car, in many cases as long as you aren't driving over a certain speed then you will barely touch the petrol at all. LPG conversions can help save money on fuel as well because the fuel is significantly cheaper than Petrol or Diesel and has a lower level of duty and taxation.

Tax costs

The amount that drivers pay for road tax is now determined by the emissions levels put out by your car, these newer, greener vehicles can have as little as £0 to pay for Road Tax and other eco models of many popular cars can have very low tax costs to pay. This is hoped to encourage more people to switch to a greener vehicle as a cut in taxes is too good an opportunity to pass up.

A lot of cars, even the not so green versions these days are more economic than older vehicles and the recent car scrappage scheme has helped this trend as many people have traded in their petrol thirsty old bangers in for an efficient modern car that will save them some money whether it's at the fuel pumps or on the tax disc.

There's plenty of greener vehicles available at car dealers up and down the country, check them out today and if a new car is out of your financial range then consider quality used cars instead to make a saving.