ECO2 Plastics Inc. uses a patented process in PET plastic recycling. The company’s patented process, for which ECO2 Plastics is the exclusive worldwide licensee, was developed through a research partnership with Honeywell FM&T and the US Department of Energy.

The company’s approach sets it apart from competitors that deploy water-based recycling processes. Unlike other recyclers, EOC2’s process eliminates the use of water and preserves the environment while delivering a high-quality recycled plastic flake, which is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in food contact applications.

ECO2 Plastics is the only recycling company that can claim that its plastic recycling technology has little impact on the environment, and is clearly distinguishable from its competitors when it comes to water waste and chemical contamination. So perhaps it came as little surprise that the company announced today that its waterless cleaning process was recognized by Popular Science magazine as one of the Top 100 innovations of the year, winning the coveted “Best of What’s New” award in the ‘Green Tech’ category.

The company was selected for its innovative approach to the dirty little secret of plastic recycling. Each year billions of gallons of water are consumed and contaminated through the water-based process deployed in traditional plastic recycling. ECO2’s closed-loop system eliminates the use of water while reducing the variable cost of production and without polluting the planet.