EcoBlu Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of proprietary wood products coated with an eco-friendly chemistry that protects against mold, fungus, rot-decay, wood ingesting insects, termites and fire, recently announced that the company’s Bluwood™ technology was successfully utilized as a housing solution for buildings in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. EcoBlu’s Bluwood™ trusses were ordered by Lazarian World Homes to be incorporated into their current Haiti housing solution.

Lazarian World Homes is a global leader in providing affordable, sustainable and energy-efficient homes and buildings for third-world nations. Lazarian recognizes that the Bluwood™ technology provides superior protection against mold, wood rot and termites. The company currently has housing projects underway in Armenia, Mexico, Brazil and Haiti.

Steve Conboy, president and chief executive officer of EcoBlu Products, stated, “It is a natural fit for Bluwood™ technology and the building solutions supplied by Lazarian.” Mr. Conboy, continued, “Haiti’s environment is very harsh on wood products. This is why Lazarian chose to protect the trusses utilized in their Insulated Concrete Form block structures.”

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