EcoBlu is a manufacturer of proprietary wood products that are coated with eco-friendly chemistry that protects against mold, termites, and fungus. Another aspect of wood protection that EcoBlu has strived to obtain is against fire, which is why they signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Megola (Pink Sheets: MGOA) to add to the company’s proprietary BLUWOOD technology. Megola is a recognized industry leader in fire protection and this partnership agreement will enable EboBlu to protect both dimensional lumber and engineered wood against the devastating threat of fire.

The key to this agreement was Megola allowing EcoBlu the exclusive rights to acquire Megola’s Hartindo AF21 Fire Inhibitor. The Hartindo AF21 provides Class A fire protection for dimensional lumber, panels and engineered wood products.

When asked about the effects of the new partnership with Megola, EcoBlu President and CEO Steve Conboy was quoted as saying, “In addition to protecting wood from mold, termites, wood-rot and now fire, this agreement provides EcoBlu with a comprehensive solution able to address the long-standing problem of the increased flammability of engineered wood products.”

Joe Gardner who serves as President and CEO of Megola stated, “We sought to partner with EcoBlu because they have the potential to be the leader in this important building products category and have the expertise and capacity to grow swiftly.”

Currently, EcoBlu is trading in the $0.34 range and may be a diamond in the rough. Already gaining recognition as a pioneer in their industry, the union with Megola is the type of exclusive agreement that will enable both companies to position themselves to become household names in the future.

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