Yesterday, EcoBlu Products, Inc. announced that they signed an agreement with Global Flying Hospitals. This agreement will permit Global Flying Hospitals to offer EcoBlu Products’ new EcoShelter™ transitional housing product and medical buildings to developing countries globally.

Global Flying Hospitals is a non-profit humanitarian health organization. They provide medical missions in developing countries worldwide. They provide mobile medical access to state-of-the-art urgent and preventative medical care for people in more than 100 developing countries. They do this with the support of their Flying Teaching Hospital, E-Training, rapid deployment dome shelters and life saving equipment. They provide the resources for life saving surgical procedures through their medical missions.
EcoShelter™ is a transitional housing design delivered pre-cut with all of the materials needed for quick assembly. Pre-treated with BLUWOOD™ technology, these structures are affordable and ecologically sound. Various standard sizes are available to fit the needs of numerous applications.

Mr. Steve Conboy, President and CEO of EcoBlu Products, said, “Global Flying Hospitals provides the resources for life-changing medical work around the world, but most poor countries lack the basic infrastructure and facilities. We believe our EcoShelter™ can provide housing and medical facilities in a cost effective way to make a real difference in peoples’ lives.”

Kelly Barker, International CEO of Global Flying Hospitals, said, “The need for affordable, rapid deployment, environmentally friendly shelters has never been greater. Our alliance with EcoBlu will change the way that humanitarian shelter can be addressed.”

Headquartered in Vista, California, EcoBlu Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of proprietary wood products coated with an eco-friendly chemistry that protects against mold, fungus, rot-decay, wood ingesting insects, termites and fire. This is with the Company’s FRC™ technology (Fire Retardant Coating). Their products utilizing BLUWOOD™ and FRC™ technology offers wood protection, preservation, and fire safety to building components constructed of wood; from joists, beams and paneling, to floors and ceilings.

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