EcoloCap Solutions, along with its subsidiaries, is an integrated network of environmentally focused technology companies that mainly utilize nanotechnology to develop efficient alternative energy solutions. The company recently announced that its Lithium X battery was delivered to Halo Renewable Energy of Seattle, Washington for preliminary tests ahead of schedule. Originally scheduled for testing in late winter 2010, results from the new battery are expected within 30 days.

Halo Renewable Energy of Seattle will conduct preliminary testing in collaboration with a major potential customer, which plans on using the battery for energy storage in multiple locations throughout the United States. Following the first test results, Halo will also release side-by-side product comparisons along with the certification necessary to abide by safety and transportation regulations.

“Our Korean partners have put a concentrated effort in the development of the Lithium X battery,” stated Michael Siegel, president and chief executive officer of EcoloCap Solutions. “The battery’s small size and weight coupled with its large energy reserve capacity as compared with what exists in the market today, makes it the perfect candidate for early adoption for electric powered vehicle and energy storage applications.” Mr. Siegal continued, “The Lithium X battery addresses industry complaints that existing Lithium batteries are unreliable, lack durability and their high cost limits their marketability. We will publish side by side comparisons as soon as the initial U.S. based test results are available..”