EcoloCap Solutions Inc. operates through its subsidiaries to provide alternative energy products. The company today announced it has signed a contract with Triad Constructors Inc. in which EcoloCap will use Triad’s network for the sales, distribution, installation and commissioning of the new NPW biodiesel processing units sold throughout North America.

Triad is a Missouri-based company focused on biodiesel production and related renewable fuels. EcoloCap attributes Triad’s management’s experience in the biodiesel industry as its primary reason for selecting the company for a partnership.

Triad President Mark Johnston has more than 30 years of experience in industrial construction, with the last 11 years focused on the renewable fuels industry. Since 2006, Johnston has designed/built four plants in Missouri and completed the equipment and mechanical installations on three other plants. Johnston has advised numerous groups with site selection and development, technology selection and plant design.

Per the agreement, Triad will commission the NPW system, which was sold to R3 Energy in Kansas, and will created the platform for all future sales of EcoloCap’s NPW technology.

“Although it has been a long process to bring this technology to market, we now have accomplished a major step in forming this alliance with Triad Constructors. We all at EcoloCap are very excited about the potential this brings and the value it will add to our operations,” EcoloCap president and CEO Michael Siegel stated in the press release.

Triad will also use its network of biodiesel industry relationships to expand the companies’ market reach and awareness of this technology. In addition, Triad will be responsible for the design, distribution, installation, construction and maintenance, as well as serve as an authorized agent for EcoloCap for all warranty and repair issues for plant owners and operators.

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