EcoloCap Solutions Inc., an operator of an integrated and complementary network of environmentally focused companies that use nanotechnology for alternative energy, announced that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Nano-Tech Industries Pty Ltd, of Acacia Ridge, Australia. After copious amounts of testing for M-Fuel confirmed the reduction in emissions as well as its cost effectiveness, Nano-Tech Technologies Pty Ltd, agreed to utilize their network to deploy all EcoloCap products in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

The NPU processor produces approximately 18,000 gallons of emulsion fuel per day and is even capable of emulsifying Diesel, Kerosene, and other Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO). M-Fuel is an emulsion compound compromised of 70% diesel and 30% water, plus EcoloCap’s additive. Independent studies have indicated a decrease of particulate emissions of more than 90% and of NOx by 65% without sacrificing fuel volumes consumed. Nano-Tech’s clients can expect to save at least 20% on the costs of fuel by using M-Fuel without any adjustment to their equipment. A more thorough description of the technology and its features can be seen at .

Nano-Tech placed EcoloCap’s M-Fuel through very thorough testing and the results either met or exceeded the advertised claims. Besides the reduction of harmful gases having exceeded expectations, the cost reduction at today’s increasing fuel prices is the pivotal point for large users of Diesel and other Heavy Fuel Oils, and this made EcoloCap’s product line a very intriguing opportunity for Nano-Tech.

Michael Siegel CEO states, “Given the rapid increase in the international price of diesel fuel, M-Fuel represents a solution for larger fuel users, faced with impossibly high fuel prices. Municipal transportation authorities’ annual fuel costs can easily exceed $100,000,000. At today’s diesel prices the switch to M-Fuel would decrease costs by some $25,000,000. Additionally, M-Fuel obviates the need to install emissions reduction equipment or even the purchase of brand new equipment to meet recently enacted emission regulations. Additionally I would like to stress to our shareholders that while offering the customer reduced process and emissions, Ecolocap generates a constant revenue stream from the production of every gallon of M-Fuel through the sale of additive. A typical M-60 installation produces 18,000 gallons per day generating additive sales of $3,600 per day.”

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