EcoloCap Solutions Inc. will be hosting representatives from four continents in Korea this November in the first ever public unveiling of the company’s M-Fuel product, an innovative suspension fuel for use in diesel engines. M-Fuel, developed and manufactured by MBT (Micro Bubble Technologies), a subsidiary of EcoloCap Solutions Inc., is an innovative suspension fuel that far exceeds efficiencies for all conventional fuels. This environmentally-friendly and economical product is designed to offer fully scalable and customizable fuel solutions that increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and reduce emissions.

M-Fuel is a suspension mixture of 60% heavy oil, and 40% separated hydrogen and oxygen, plus a stabilizing additive. Nano Processing Units (NPUs) produce the fuel and can be configured to be integrated with an engine, producing fuel on demand, or the fuel can be pre-manufactured for delivery.

The event in Korea, scheduled for November 18th, will have representatives from more than a dozen companies and nearly as many countries, including the U.S., Canada, Korea, South Africa, Congo, Iceland, Serbia, Morocco, Israel, UAE, and India. Following the event, attendees will have the opportunity to negotiate and execute distribution and usage agreements with EcoloCap.

EcoloCap president and CEO, Michael Siegel, talked about the product and the response it has gotten. “I am truly excited by the response M-Fuel has generated from these international markets. Its universal compatibility with all diesel engines allows it to be easily implemented globally in a variety of applications including heavy equipment, transportation, and maritime. The utilization of M-Fuel in these functions will save operators thousands of dollars per day in fuel costs and reduce particulate emission by up to 99%. I expect the initial usage for non-US markets will likely exceed more than 100 million liters per day.”

The company also produces a Carbon Nano Tube Battery product, a rechargeable battery that surpasses the performance of any existing battery.