Ecologic Transportation is rapidly developing an environmentally forward platform of transportation products and services via wholly owned subsidiaries like Ecologic Products, which is destined to act as a major conduit for innovative sustainable transportation technologies such as the initial product offering, a proprietary waterless and totally biodegradable car cleaning system called Ecologic Shine.

All Ecologic Shine products are EPA compliant and meet Volatile Organic Compound restriction regulations for California, meaning that the zero environmental impact of the products can be trusted by consumers. This is a powerful sales pitch for Ecologic to be able to make to the $23B car wash market.

The Ecologic Shine process produces zero contamination to the water cycle, utilizing plant derived surfactants in all products and offsetting the over 320M gallons of water used to wash cars in the US alone, while removing a major source of harmful toxins and other chemicals that would otherwise end up back in the water cycle.

The Ecologic Shine process is currently in use at some 15 Park ‘N Fly corporate locations with planned expansion to 80 affiliate locations in the US and the strategy for EGCT will be to branch out more into the car dealership and fleet segments via pilot programs like the current one with well known California-based dealership Dirito Bros and another in the UK to handle a 55k unit truck/van fleet.

Ecologic Shine is ideal for electric cars and the products are all exclusively manufactured by EGCT’s trusted partner, 35-year industry veteran KO Manufacturing, with whom the Company has worked hand-in-hand to ensure that every aspect of all products, from application to the final look and feel met the highest quality standards.

Let’s take a look at this amazingly simple yet revolutionary process that EGCT has developed:

• Waterless Prep Product applied to dirtiest areas of the exterior – a blended product containing an ecologically sustainable organic solvent, phosphate-free water conditioning agent and plant-based surfactant
• Waterless Wash Product is applied, extracting dirt molecules up and away from the material surface using natural chemical processes, preventing damages to the surface and resulting in a beautiful shine – non-toxic polymer protectant with the same plant-based surfactant and organic solvent
• Micro-fiber towel dry leaves behind a long-lasting and streak free barrier that cascades water like a duck’s back
• Tire Dressing Product is applied, penetrating into the material for a durable shine – same surfactant and polymer components as other products but with an FD&C certified dye

As a symbol of the company’s commitment to environmental philosophy and as a nod to shareholders, customers and potential shareholders alike, Ecologic Shine will contribute a portion of the proceeds from operations to support local, regional and national water conservation initiatives.

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