Ecologic Car Rentals, Inc., a subsidiary of Ecologic Transportation, Inc., is designed to promote the use of environmentally friendly transportation in a uniquely non-threatening way. Instead of depending upon consumers to go green through major purchase decisions, a leap which many consumers are reluctant to make, Ecologic Car Rentals provides a non-committal baby-step way to introduce consumers to new transportation options.

Through the renting of the latest in environmentally friendly cars, Ecologic Car Rentals introduces green transportation technologies to a growing demographic of car rental customers, people who are unattached to a brand but lean towards green alternatives, especially when considering the rising cost of fossil fuels.

In addition, the company is working with car manufacturers to help them introduce new models to consumers, based on the proven idea that people will often rent cars they are thinking about buying. Ecologic Car Rentals offers these car makers a one-of-a-kind test and marketing platform to reach the growing green marketplace. Manufacturers can introduce their cars on a trial basis, and can expect an average of 5-6 test drives per month per car in an objective rental setting. As such, it represents an easy test bed for manufacturers as well as buyers.

The company is the only fully green oriented car rental brand out there, with 100% of its fleet made up of environmentally friendly vehicles. The global auto rental market feeds a $42 billion industry, with vast opportunities for partnerships, including fleet rentals to government and business entities. The company’s structure also supports strategic acquisitions and joint ventures.

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