Ecological Transportation, Inc. is primarily focused on introducing environmentally friendly vehicles to a growing demographic of car rental customers who value the cost efficiencies and environmental benefits of green-powered transportation. The company’s fleet consists of only environmentally friendly vehicles, positioning them as the only pure environmental car rental brand within the $42 billion automobile rental industry.

Although Ecological’s main driver of revenues will be the car rental business, the company also provides Ecologic Shine(TM), a proprietary waterless car cleaning process that has no adverse environmental impact. Currently, the company operates six locations where they are saving 2,500,000 gallons of water a year, 6,850 gallons daily or 285 gallons per hour.

Ecologic Systems, the company’s alternative energy subsidiary, intends to develop and manage alternative fuel offerings, such as clean diesel, LNG, CNG, and electricity charging, at gas stations in Ecological Transportation’s car rental markets. Ecologic Systems will offer this turnkey solution through its partners, affiliates and proprietary processes.

Ecological Transportation is led by a highly-skilled management team that collectively has more than 75 years of experience in car rental operations. The team’s expertise and experience in logistics, fleet management, and commercialization will enable the company to strategically introduce new automotive products and solutions to consumers, governments, and companies looking to improve their environmental efforts.

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