Ecologix Resource Group, Inc. is a natural resource company focused on the timber industry and production of alternative energy solutions. The company manages a tropical hardwood forest in Cameroon, Africa. They grow and harvest trees for the use of lumber and other fine wood products. Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, Ecologix Resource Group, Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Beverly Hills, California.

Cameroon has extensive tropical timber. The country has approximately 21,245,000 hectares of forest coverage area. This includes a significant amount of commercial tree species. These species represent 75 percent of Cameroon’s timber production. Ecologix is also currently managing approximately 50,000 acres of rainforest outside the port city of Douala.

Ecologix has collaborated with the local tribe council and the central government of Cameroon to acquire concessions that already contain the richest types of hardwood in the world. The company can supply timber to the local market and export products internationally. They are working closely with the United Nations to develop timber exploitation standards that will provide a global acceptance of environmentally friendly harvesting practices.

Ecologix Resource Group, Inc.’s current products include hardwood, timber products, and biomass. Ecologix intends to construct a timber cutting and processing plant, giving them control over the entire logging process – from cut to planks.