Ecosphere Technologies, Inc., a diversified water engineering and services company primarily focused on the natural gas industry, recently announced the successful results of the company’s pilot Fayetteville Shale testing. Ecosphere’s mission is to identify, create and produce clean technologies that are economically viable and improve the quality of life and protect the environment.

According to results from an independent lab, the tests confirmed that the EcosFrac technology killed the bacteria and passed the seven-day test for sulfur reducing bacteria at Ecosphere’s stated flow rate. The company’s EcosFrac process is a non-chemical electro-ozonation procedure that kills bacteria in frac water at 10 barrels per minute, and is part of Ecosphere’s Total Frac Water Management service.

Dennis McGuire, Ecosphere Energy Services president, stated, “In addition to treating flow-back and produced waters we are now able to offer the energy companies we serve a non-chemical process to kill bacteria in the water they use to frac their wells. Reducing the chemicals used in fracturing a well allows energy companies to reduce their overall completion costs while reducing their environmental footprint. It’s a win-win.”