Ecosphere Technologies, Inc., the innovative service provider offering proprietary technologies designed around their groundbreaking Eco-Fracturing™ methodology (like the Ecosphere Ozonix™ mobile water recycling system), announced today that they have been featured in a new Wall Street Journal article.

The Journal is an institution in the business world, and this new article “”Firms See ‘Green’ in Natural-Gas Production — Environmental Concerns Over Drilling Drive Producers to Seek Alternative Technology, Creating Business Opportunities”, offers the publication’s huge reader base a detailed look at some of ESPH’s innovative, environmentally friendly technologies.

CEO of ESPH, Dennis McGuire, expressed his excitement in regards to the Company and its forward-thinking technologies and services being featured in the widely read and admired periodical, and noted the rigorous treatment specifically given to the eco-friendly hydraulic fracturing capabilities the Company offers.

McGuire sees this article as yet further validation of ESPH’s “disruptive technology and its ‘green’ impact on the energy field”, which offers natural gas producers a new way to get this increasingly sought-after fuel source out of the ground and into the marketplace.

The vast expertise in water engineering, environmental services and manufacturing that ESPH Eco-Fracturing™ practices can bring to bear on a given project is staggering, and the benefits derived from said services ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy ample water reserves with which to obtain clean energy.

When it comes to exploring for natural gas, ESPH’s Ecosphere Ozonix™ includes an advanced oxidation process which utilizes ultrasound and ozone generation in a pressure-compensated tank to treat influent, separating hydrocarbons and heavy metals so that clean water can be recovered without expensive offsite chlorination or distillation.

The Ecosphere Ozonix™ system is able to handle huge volumes of water, allowing for same-site, multi-well capacity via an array of products which collectively offer a “Total Frac Water Management” solution, and includes the EcosFrac™ Tank (EF-600) for on the fly bacteria removal prior to fracing, the EcosBrine™ (EB-600) System to treat frac flowback water, and EcosStim™, an ecological completions fluid.

The Ecosphere Ozonix™ technology is based on a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) model which requires substantially less energy, and virtually eliminates disposal costs, allowing energy companies to recycle 99% of the water, making cost-effective frac flowback recycling a reality for the first time in history.