Ecosphere Technologies, – the broadly diversified water engineering and environmental services provider, today announced the debut of its revolutionary, mobile and high volume advanced oxidation system, the EF60.

The EF60 is quite extraordinary as it provides a single solution for eliminating chemicals used in the fracking process on oil and natural gas wells, readily enabling 100% recycling of production waters and thus removing a very dangerous and environmentally pollutive aspect of such energy production methods.

The system is based on the patented Ozonix technology, which has seen continuous operation throughout the oil and natural gas industry since 2008 under the ESPH majority owned subsidiary, Ecosphere Energy Services, LLC.

The EF60 was designed specifically to meet demands from energy industry producers who wanted a smaller equipment footprint at the fracking site and also the capacity to easily mobilize the system for use at multiple sites.

Sr. VP of Engineering and Co-Inventor of the amazing Ozonix process, Sanjeev Jakhete, stressed the “customer-driven” development process of the EF60 and how it was engineered over the last year as an improvement to existing Ozonix technology already deployed in the field.

Jakhete also highlighted the EF60’s ability to process fresh water, flowback waters and produced waters at the range of variable flow rates required by the industry’s standard pressure pumping equipment used in fracking.

The EF60 is capable of sustaining a rate of 60 barrels per minute (2.5k gallons/minute) for processing frac water and, with two units in operation at each frac site, the steady elimination of biocides and scale inhibitors crucial to fracking will be achieved.

President of Ecosphere Energy Services, Aaron Horn, touted the EF60 as the “right product at the right time” for the Company’s customers throughout the industry.

With mounting pressure for environmentally responsible fracking, the EF60, with its small footprint, high capacity and ease of moving onto and off of the frac site, is an ideal choice for killing bacteria, preventing scale and eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals.

This is ideal technology for tapping into the global unconventional shale reserves which are being rapidly discovered all over the globe and should prove a real boon for ESPH and its shareholders.