With the promise of renewable and eco-friendly fuels on the horizon, one can be sure to keep a watchful eye over various companies. There are a number of ones to look at and consider because of the diversity. The two main forms of fuel we are globally dependent on are gasoline and diesel. There are different grades, but it is pretty much the same when it comes down to the main components. The beauty of renewable fuels is that they come from so many different things on this planet. Corn, water (hydro), wind, and batteries powered by solar panels are just some of the many available sources.

A pending $76 Million equity financing with five investment funds just closed yesterday with EcoSystem Corporation. This is wonderful news because now the company has the ability to show how effective corn ethanol can be. Proceeds from this investment enable ESYM to acquire and revamp distressed ethanol production facilities and take hold of compatible assets. This also enables ESYM to incorporate their existing Cellulosic Corn technology directly into their planned ethanol production facilities.

EcoSystem’s goal is to sustain an annualized renewable fuel production rate of 500 million gallons per year within three years, while demonstrating market leadership by using its technologies to refine more fuel out of corn for less cost. Look for “growing” signs from EcoSystem.