eCrypt Technologies, an information security firm with a focus on the wireless industry, recently announced that the company received the highest level of public interest at the F5 Expo held in Vancouver , BC on April 7, 2010. This data is based on the number of voluntary video testimonials that eCrypt Technologies received at the F5 media centre. The company received 400 percent more testimonials than any other conference exhibitor.

F5 Expo is a forward-thinking resource meant to educate businesses on future trends within the online space. Brad Lever, chief executive officer of eCrypt Technologies, participated in a panel entitled “Stories from the Trenches.” The interactive panel discussion revealed a high level of concern regarding issues concerning data security. Businesses were concerned with protecting intellectual property and other sensitive data and communications.

Mr. Lever commented, “It was refreshing to see such a frank dialogue, and it only reinforced our belief that eCrypt’s solution has really struck a nerve with all segments of society.” Mr. Lever added, “Certainly we’re pleased by the response to our mobile email privacy software. Visitors to our booth ranged from concerned citizens to entrepreneurs who are on the forefront of technology. What makes these testimonials particularly important to us is the representation of a cross-section of today’s society and broader societal concerns about the security of our digital communications.”

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