eCrypt Technologies, Inc., a developer and retailer of encryption software that secures the transmission, storage, and access to digital information around the world, has announced that it has hired world renowned social media expert Tris Hussey as the leader of its social media, online content, and product campaigning for the company.

Tris gained recognition by leading the effort to completely make over all of eCrypt’s online properties, which include the launch of two new websites and contribution of brand new material for the official eCrypt blog,, and launching the new weekly podcast PrivacyNowRadio. Tris’ efforts have already brought forth success, with several media appearances, as well as converting the users of competitors such as Hushmail to eCrypt.

With over 15 extensive years of experience online, web site development, startup, technology, social media experience, and product management, Tris has proven to be fully capable of engaging eCrpyt’s community. Along with being a published author, Tris was one of the first professional bloggers in North America, speaks often on society and technology, and teaches continuing education classes to University students. Tris has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of Anthropology from Colby College in Maine, and a Master of Science degree in the field of Quaternary Studies from the University of Maine.

“Tris’ extensive background in technology, education, and science plus his social media profile make him the ideal person to lead eCrypt’s social media efforts which require a person who can easily move within the worlds of regular users, cryptography experts, and the media. We are tremendously excited to have Tris on board,” commented Brad Lever, CEO of eCrypt.

A fundamental aspect of eCrypt’s social media is to offer its users a person who is the face of the company, someone who will listen, engages, and helps people with the products. Tris, who is an established expert in technology, has become said face.

Tris has already become a Twitter celebrity (you can follow him at @trishussey), and will soon be managing the Company’s personal Twitter account (@ecrypt) and other online ventures. Tris enjoys communicating and talking with users of all levels, and has an “open online door” policy for users to contact him with any questions, concerns, or comments on eCrypt products.

“Having a person who can engage users, draw them in and make them feel valued is absolutely essential to today’s companies. A strong user community starts with a strong Community Manager. Tris Hussey is absolutely that person,” commented Curt Weldon, Chairman of the Board of Directors of eCrypt.

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