One company that is beginning to get noticed by investors on Wall Street is eCrypt Technologies Inc. Located in Boulder, Colorado, eCrypt Technologies is an information security firm with a focus on the wireless industry. Today, eCrypt announced that they have received an overwhelming response to their international CNBC advertising campaign.

Since the campaign has begun, eCrypt has seen traffic to their website increase by over 300% with more than 85% of the visitants being first time visitors. The site has received visitors from over 57 countries with the majority of them coming from nations with a high per capita use of smartphone functions for business.

While the increase in traffic is showing promise to the corporation, it is important to note that over 77% of visitors to eCrypt’s corporate website visited the investor resources page. This is a prime indication that investors are starting to take a strong interest in the up-and-coming company.

Leading the way at eCrypt is their CEO Brad Lever. Lever is a noted name in the sector and has helped guide eCrypt into an evolving power. When asked about the response to the advertising campaign, Lever was quoted as saying, “The positive response to our campaign on CNBC was anticipated, and this momentum will propel eCrypt into the next phase. In addition to increased web traffic, our social network following is growing, and our mailboxes are flooding with inquiries from users of other smartphone platforms, including the iPhone and Android.”

To go along with the success of the advertising campaign, eCrypt had announced in February of this year they had pre-development activity for the iPhone and plans to expand product compatibility to other platforms in the near future. This is yet another indication that eCrypt has the potential to make their presence felt on Wall Street in the near future.

To learn more about the eCrypt Technologies Inc., visit their website at: and you’ll see why so many people are talking about this innovative company.