eCrypt Technologies, Inc., an information security company and a premier provider of true end-to-end encryption software with a focus on wireless communications, recently announced a strategic partnership with Media2O Digital Agency. Under the terms of the agreement, Media2O Digital Agency will manage all principal marketing efforts for eCrypt with a focus on digital marketing.

Media2O Digital Agency will develop a microsite for eCrypt, implement a social media strategy to engage the media for feedback, generate a PR strategy and produce collateral to support the marketing of the product. eCrypt will utilize an incentive-based program to compensate Media2O Digital Agency for their efforts.

Brad Lever, president and chief executive officer of eCrypt Technologies, stated, “We recognize that digital media is a powerful tool that will assist us in reaching our target markets. We are confident that with their experience, and impressive portfolio which includes companies like Microsoft, Media2O Digital Agency has the right expertise and resources to help us do that.”

Bradley Shende, president of Media2O Digital Agency, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with eCrypt, and feel that by harnessing the synergy that exists between the two organizations, we will be successful in raising global awareness of eCrypt, and their innovative privacy solutions.”