Ed Ponsi, managing director of Barchetta Capital Management, spoke yesterday with Larry Kudlow on CNBC.

Kudlow introduced Ponsi as the 'nation's best chart analysts'.

Here are some of Ponsi's key analysis for S&P stock market, Oil and the US Dollar:

Ponsi: s&p stock market index chart is going to test 1257, the Japanese tsunami and earthquake low

Ponsi: strong support at 1257 level, many buyers waiting for that level maybe a little lower

Ponsi: should see a strong bounce from there

Ponsi: oil charts showing oil prices edging lower, good news for the American consumer

Ponsi: could see 88 in oil fairly soon, low 90's high 80's probably within the next few weeks

Ponsi: dollar chart agrees with the oil chart, dollar looks like it wants to go higher

Ponsi: double bottom in US dollar, if we can break above 76, we could see a nice relief rally

Ponsi: looking at 1250 bottom in the s&p, lower oil, and higher us dollar

See below for the entire CNBC interview: