EDF Energy's fleet of nuclear reactors in Britain has passed stress tests ordered by the European Union following Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster in March, it said in a submission to British authorities.

The clean bill of health for its UK reactors follows a pan-European safety assessment process mandated by EU authorities on the bloc's 143 reactors.

The assessment has proved that we are very robust under the most extreme scenarios, even those far beyond what could ever be plausible in the UK - and confirmed that the plants would operate safely as they are designed to do, Chief Executive Officer Vincent de Rivaz said on Tuesday.

EDF said it has submitted thousands of pages of documents to the Office for Nuclear Regulation as part of the EU stress testing programme.

The government asked the country's biggest nuclear power producer to test reactors' capacity to resist flooding, earthquakes, power outages, failure of the cooling systems, and operation management of accidents.

Rivaz said fallout from the Fukushima disaster has led to improved planning for worst-case scenarios, including the establishment of emergency command centres.

The company said safety tests also applied to its proposed new reactor design for Hinkley Point C in Somerset, also deemed safe.

(Reporting by Oleg Vukmanovic; Editing by Anthony Barker)