An anti-breast feeding article released yesterday by a parenting magazine has caused fury by the Press Complaints Commission.

According to the article, it described breast feeding as “creepy”.

Mother and Baby's deputy editor Kathry Blundell, explained in her article “I formula fed. So what?” that she bottle feed her child from birth.

“I wanted my body back. (And some wine) …”

“I also wanted to give my boobs at least a chance to stay on my chest rather than dangling around my stomach,” she adds.

The editor argued that her breasts are “not just breasts, but fun bags.”

Blundell's article received mixed reviews from parents in web forums.

On a Mumsnet website, the article received negative comments. One comment reads: “People pay attention to these sorts of articles and if anyone who is having any wobbles about [breastfeeding] this may be the one article which steers them away from it, if they think that being seen to [breastfeeding] is in any way 'creepy'.”

However, some readers commended the writer for dealing with a “taboo” subject.

As of date, six readers filed complaints with the Press Complaints Commission.

Miranda Levy, the editor of the magazine, defended the article, stating that writer wrote it based on “personal experience”. She also said the publication is a supporter of breasf feeding.

The Department of Health suggests that babies are only given breast milk for the fist six months unless mothers are unable to do so or choose formula milk instead.