eDoorways Corp., the new and revolutionary online platform linking business and consumers, represents a sophisticated integration of advanced search technologies, creating a one-of-a-kind “solutions network” connecting people in need of immediate answers with local businesses and expert advice. Unlike anything else available, the new platform solves lifestyle problems for consumers while driving highly targeted traffic through the virtual (and physical) doorways of goods and service providers.

For consumers, it means a brand new time-saving way of communicating with the global business and consumer community. It gives them direct access to other knowledgeable and objective consumers, as well as to advisers, retailers, and manufacturers, all focused on answering their questions and solving their problems.

For vendors, it means a tremendous new source of quality traffic, people who are already engaged in the process and actively seeking answers and assistance, people who are frequently ready to buy. These young, tech-savvy adults are comfortable communicating and transacting business online, and tend to turn first to the Internet for answers. Those businesses that are there to greet and help them are in an unparalleled position to gain a steady flow of new customers.

For investors, eDoorways represents a ground-floor opportunity to capitalize on an important new idea, a creative merger of social networking technologies and commerce that is available nowhere else. There are currently over 45 million “micro boomers” out there actively seeking products and services on a daily basis, all attempting to make their lives a little better. The eDoorways platform is specifically designed to capture this vast and growing market. It does this through the use of:

• Web 2.0 offerings, such as MySpace, CraigsList, and Wikipedia
• Micro (niche) marketing and targeted service offerings
• Emerging new technologies, enabling flexible aggregation and presentation of information

By successfully tapping this dynamic new consumer market, and offering it to the huge small business market, comprising 97% of American business, eDoorways has positioned itself for an unlimited future.

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