Most adults use a computer every day. Forty years ago, when we wanted to get a repair person, we would open up the phone directory. Nowadays, many people turn on their computers and perform a search. eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY.OB) recognizes how heavily consumers use their computers and has built a unique platform to address their demands. The eDOORWAYS gateway has been modeled to connect people with questions to experts that have answers and recommendations on where to locate goods and services related to their inquiry.

During its development stage, eDOORWAYS recognized a few other elements while it was creating the portal. Rather than mirror existing sites, the eDOORWAYS team analyzed the Internet and combined the best elements of sites like MySpace, Wikipedia, and eBay. The team also determined that micro-marketing and targeted service offerings would better serve their client-base than traditional mass marketing offerings. Finally, the company understands the important of taking advantage of the development of new technologies that facilitate the aggregation and presentation of mass amounts of data.

Built with a next-generation networking interface, the platform provides consumers with a real-time problem-solving arena with the ability to gather information on inquiries for solutions, services, and products. eDOORWAYS hopes to bring on small business users who make up about 97% of U.S. business as their target revenue market. The company also hopes to bring in the over 45 million Internet-savvy adults onto the portal. The platform has been configured to support a global community of consumers, retailers, and manufacturers while generating revenue through sponsorships and consumer transactions.

eDOORWAYS hopes that its new gateway will help consumers save time while selecting new products and services, and provide small businesses across America with another avenue to bring in more customers.

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