For a company that hasn’t even formally launched yet, eDoorways Corporation (EDWY.PK) has caused more buzz than most companies in recent memory. And there’s a good reason for that. The company has brought together some of the best creative talent in the online field, with the goal of completely changing the way consumers and businesses find each other.

eDoorways is being designed as a revolutionary web-based consumer problem solving gateway, combining the best groundbreaking ideas and technologies from the online world to create a totally different user experience. eDoorways sees itself as the ultimate business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketplace, representing both online and offline businesses, providing every resource available to match consumer needs with the best possible solutions. It will be part social network, directory, advanced search engine, professional network, encyclopedia, and rating service.

Although many companies seek to serve consumers, this will be an approach not available anywhere else. Anticipated competitors do not offer the kind of collaboratively-based contextual service being designed into eDoorways. All of the companies listed below have important features and concepts, but are limited to that approach. eDoorways integrates multiple features, mimicking the way people naturally solve problems as they look for products, services, and answers.

• CraigsList is essentially a classified ad site, and is not specifically designed to facilitate consumers finding small businesses.
• YellowPages is a large merchant listing directory, and does not provide 3rd party independent recommendations and ratings.
• Wikipedia is a free-content encyclopedia, but is not oriented toward business recommendation.
• LinkedIn is an online network of professionals, but is not focused on products and services or brick and mortar retailers.
• Google is the largest search engine on the Web, but is limited in the integration of the many online sites it can list, and does not inform retailers and service providers when someone is interested in them.
• MySpace is the world’s premier social network, but is not oriented toward business and problem solving.
• eBay is a worldwide product marketplace, but does not lend itself to services, and does not provide independent expert opinions and advice.

This is the reason so many people are anxious for the announcement of eDoorways’ formal launch date, an announcement that should come in the 2nd quarter of 2009.

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