eDoorways Corp. announced earlier today that it has assisted TMAN.com with the launch of its Virtual Martial Arts Competition PowerChannel. “Martial arts competitors from around the world will now have an opportunity to compete on TMAN.com in a world arena for everyone to see,” commented Gary Kimmons, CEO of eDoorways. Organizing the first martial arts tournament to have virtually an unlimited number of categories in which challengers can compete, TMAN intends to integrate its new eDoorways PowerChannel into its proposed global service offering.

TMAN is the result of two martial arts experts, Dr. Ron Valli and Master Ron Tramontano, who joined forces to bring the martial arts community a truly world renowned portal. Since becoming the first global martial arts presence on the web fifteen years ago, Master Tramontano has worked diligently to integrate martial arts into the lives of every person in every country around the world.

“It’s time to get out the video equipment and show the world what you got. You need to jump head first into this one… it’s about to get interesting,“ stated Master Ron Tramontano.

“Martial arts is a natural market for eDoorways PowerChannels,” added Gary Kimmons. “It’s growing virally, and martial arts aficionados love to communicate with each other about the art and current competitions. We see the possibility for a large number of PowerChannels focusing on MMA and how it’s practiced,” Kimmons continued.

“Here’s how the Virtual Martial Arts Competition works,” explained Master Tramontano. “When five videos have been submitted in the same category, a competition will take place and the winner will prevail. That winner will be notified that he or she has won and has moved to the next five submitted videos in that same category. Once a video has won five times in the same category, the video is removed and placed in holding until October of that year. At this time, all videos in holding in the same category will compete for the title of ‘all around world champion’, Good luck!,” Master Tramontano concluded.

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