eDoorways Corp., developer of the new business-to-consumer social network website, has a detailed plan, and associated timetable, laying out exactly how the company expects to make money. It is all based on the unique value the company feels it can bring to local and national vendors in the way of highly targeted traffic, consumers who are actively seeking information and, in many cases, are ready to buy. This is in direct contrast to general social networking sites that generate largely unfocused traffic, and rely solely on the sale of advertising space to generate income. For eDoorways, this represents just one of several income streams.

eDoorways’ income strategy is multi-tiered, providing multiple potential income streams, thus giving the company a more secure outlook as each stream proves itself more or less effective.

• Preferential Placement Fees – Businesses pay eDoorways for the right to reserve key words (called Power Keys) specific to their location, type of service, product model, etc. It’s similar to the Google AdWords model, except that the viewers are active consumers looking for a product or solution.
• Prepaid Services/Subscriptions – Businesses with eDoorways storefronts pay the company to subscribe to value-added services, such as targeted marketing capabilities, text message alerts, back office accounting support, etc.
• Advertising Revenue – Businesses pay eDoorways for advertising space on a CPM (cost-per-thousand) exposure basis.
• Private Label Service Leasing – Large corporations, trade groups, professional associations, and others pay eDoorways for a custom version of the eDoorways model, tailored to their own customer service website, allowing them to use the eDoorways engine to let customers better identify local vendors.
• Just-In-Time Training – Businesses pay eDoorways for the use of their proprietary award-winning Smart One training platform, one of the most sophisticated training delivery systems ever developed, for educating customers or perhaps even employees.
• Transaction Fees – Ultimately, eDoorways expects to charge a percentage of each transaction, collecting a small percentage from the vendor upon the successful close of a sale.

These are considered initial eDoorways sources of revenue. There are others, including revenues from vertical marketing. The company has a net income goal, realizing that costs will continue to exceed revenue initially, and is looking to break into positive territory at some point in 2010.

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