Today, eDOORWAYS Corp. announced that it is moving forward with the completion of its 2008 10K audit. The company has posted the 10K audit to the company’s new corporate website,, for review by the public.

“We have met our self-imposed deadline of completing the 10K audit by today and we determined it would be best to afford shareholders the ability to acknowledge this as we enter into the filing process,” stated Gary Kimmons, Chairman and CEO of eDOORWAYS Corp.

Normally, after a final draft of the 10K audit is submitted to the SEC, it undergoes a filing process that can take up to 72 hours to complete. This includes Edgarizing a 50 plus page document and one final review by auditors of the Edgarized version of the 10K audit before it’s filed. For smaller companies like eDOORWAYS, which strives to establish and secure shareholder confidence, these logistics aren’t usually understood by shareholders. In response, Mr. Kimmons believed it would be suitable to reveal completion of the 10K audit to the investment community ahead of the filing process.

“The company is marching toward an important day in the weeks to come and we’d like our house to be in absolute order for that moment,” commented Kimmons. “I cannot state enough that the work Mr. Dan Bensimon has conducted here is unquestionably top notch and greatly beneficial to the company and our shareholders regardless of the time it has taken. We are pleased that we have the ability to post the 10K audit today and look forward to an expeditious filing of this final draft. Should all things continue as well as they’ve been so far, the outstanding Q’s should be completed within short order and the company could see its soft launch date of October 1st, 2009, as being ‘current’ on its financials.”

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