Today before the opening bell, eDOORWAYS made the following statement:

Due to last week’s announcement allowing shareholders the ability to participate in a pre-launch presentation, this past week the company has been very busy fielding an increased volume in calls and emails from shareholders passionately expressing their views on the matter. While some believe this move to be potentially more harmful than good, others feel this action will allow them to better understand the viability of the eDOORWAYS platform.

Recognizing the importance and sensitive nature of revealing the platform, eDOORWAYS has determined that in the spirit of compromise, the best way to satisfy everyone is to make a basic pre-launch walk-through presentation available this month — subject however to very specific shareholder registration rules and requirements. Also, by making the appropriate technical integrations, the company can grant shareholders a walk-through within a reasonably protected environment. eDOORWAYS believes this approach will be a win/win for all; assuaging any doubt while protecting shareholder value and interest.

The date of the pre-launch presentation will be Friday, July 31st, 2009. Details of this event, including times, access codes, terms and conditions, registration requirements, etc., will be announced next week.

Once again, the company understands that shareholders are extremely motivated, and because eDOORWAYS values each of you, the company will proactively strive to responsibly manage the expectations of all to show the sincerest appreciation of your support.

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