eDoorways Corporation, a web-based consumer problem solving gateway, lifestyle information source, and online business-to-consumer marketplace, announced today that it has successfully filed its 2008 10K Audit. With the unveiling of “SOLVE” and the 10K filed, eDooorways is now closer than ever to completing the phases of its soft launch as well as moving to a greater exchange, such as the OTCBB or NASDAQ-SC. The company is now maintaining its focus on the remaining quarterly filings.

Mr. Dan Bensimon, eDoorways’ Senior Financial & Accounting Specialist, stated, “While it certainly took longer than even I estimated to complete the company’s audit, the attention paid to detail in this instance was crucial to the financial health of the company and should pay dividends to its future. Over the past several months I’ve had an opportunity to work with a dedicated group of professionals whose intent it seems is to build eDoorways, its products, services and business model into an ongoing concern. This simply cannot be accomplished with any aspects of their books ever in question. Today, I believe we’ve taken care of any open issues and have laid the groundwork for a new financial discipline to be enacted and followed by the company.”

In order to be considered “fully” current, eDoorways needs to file at least the 1st and 2nd quarter Q’s. However, the 3rd quarter filing also has to be completed within this fourth quarter of 09′ in order for the company to achieve and/or maintain a current status. The company strives to complete all of its quarterly filings by the end of this year.

“We continue to consistently prove to our shareholders, investors and other onlookers that our team is seriously dedicated to all tasks,” stated Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation. “Not only will we diligently strive daily to produce disruptive ground breaking technologies and services for the web, but equally seek to build a real, respectable and profitable company.”

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