In an effort to increase the prospect of its service offering, eDoorways Corporation has signed a letter of intent to purchase the mobile device technology and services of a development team from Ian Mitchell of Universal Design Technologies, Inc. eDoorways plans to operate its acquisition as a wholly owned subsidiary.

The technology supports what eDoorways calls the “eC Device.” This cutting edge device is best described as a first-person perspective, video transceiver resembling an earpiece with a video display lens that goes over the eye. The eDoorways subsidiary plans to develop the eC Device for market consumption as well as provide platform integration of smartphones for the iPhone OS, Android OS, and RIM Blackberry OS.

Although Ian Mitchell’s accomplishments stem from a successful real estate career, his genius is firmly planted in biomedical and interface technologies. Apart from his co-founding role at m&m Biomedical Corporation, Mr. Mitchell is the President of Universal Design Technologies, Inc. Through Universal Design Technologies, Inc., Mitchell has contributed to the type of human interactive devices and motion control systems in the market today.

Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation, stated, “The addition of Ian’s technology to eDoorways enhances our ability to bring the web to the user regardless of where that user is. The eC Device complements our various doorway offerings by making the real-time web options eDoorways provides accessible to anyone anywhere.”

Ian Mitchell has received preferred stock in eDoorways and in exchange will deliver $240,000 in cash. This exchange will allow eDoorways to own and produce the “eC Device” as well as operate the subsidiary with an unlimited exclusive right to license its [subsidiary] patents. Furthermore, the company will get 80% of the proceeds received by Mr. Mitchell for the next 3 years as a result of patents and devices related to motion control systems as it pertains to a pending European license with a developer of medical devices. Additionally, Mr. Mitchell will join the eDoorways Board of Directors.

Ian Mitchell commented, “I believe that the eC Device and the vision of eDoorways will create a synergy capable of making person-to-person interactions via the web more powerful, more useful, more human and available in ‘real-time.’ Currently, the computing world is undergoing a significant shift toward mobile computing. In Latin America, for example, the ratio is roughly 5 mobile device users for every desktop, fixed-point user. The future of the web is mobile, and eDoorways plans to take full advantage of this paradigm shift. The eC Device will play a significant role in our future strategy.”

Gary Kimmons added, “By adding Ian to our board, we are also acquiring a technological expertise that will prove invaluable to our future growth. He has the wide range of understanding you’d expect from someone who studied both music and chemistry in college. He has been an architectural consultant, worked in conjunction with NASA and was a core innovator in diagnostic devices focusing on chromatographic spectroscopy. He is one of those people who knows where technology is going because he is one of the people taking it there.”

People close to the company have given their approval to this acquisition as it will support worldwide acceptance and use of the eDoorways service offering, regardless of which doorway is accessed, increasing and diversifying the company’s revenue streams.

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