eDoorways Corp. announced today that it has released Beta v2.0, implementing major improvements to the platform such as enhanced stability, ergonomic improvements and increased functionality. The growing user base can now have a much more enjoyable experience navigating the company’s advanced integrated search and chat technologies.

“There is no disputing, our technology teams are on the right path,” stated Mr. Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of the eDoorways Corporation. “Now, with version 2.0 behind us, we can give our attention to the upcoming event here in Austin while preparing for the release of beta version 2.5.”

The company believes this release couldn’t have come at a better time as eDoorways targets 20 million online users, which is the result of inking a deal with Ibero American Science and Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC). The sleeker, more robust and efficient platform offers users a plethora of new features and options.

Ann Collins, Project Manager and Social Media Consultant for the company, commented, “Beta release version 2.0 is heavily influenced by the feedback we’ve received from our users since the initial launch of v1.0 in December of 2009. This resulted in an enhanced design strategy that was not part of the original roll-out plan.

“We’ve changed the look and feel quite a bit to create a more streamlined and user friendly interface. You’ll find that the landing page is completely different and is now much more inviting.

“We’ve reduced the application from four columns to three, removing the far right Profile column and making profile information visible through a screen overlay. We’ve also moved the chat panel to the middle. This will allow for all conversations starting from either the ‘Ask’ or ‘Join’ panels to be centralized, making this feature much more fluid.

“Also, when users are invited to a conversation or if there is a new message within an existing conversation, the option to be notified both visually and with user configurable audible sounds, may be selected.

“All Solution Providers, ‘on’ or ‘off’ line, will be returned in the search results and identified by a red indicator. If offline Solution Providers are selected, they will receive an off-line notification to join the conversation; provided they’ve opted to have this email or text message feature.

“Overall, we’ve spent quite a bit of time making sure the underlying engine is stable, highly scalable and robust in anticipation of the new relationship with ISTEC, the upcoming event, the release of v2.5 and the impending marketing plan.”

Those close to the company expect interest in eDoorways’ platform to increase dramatically over the next few weeks as well as the introduction of the company’s first revenues sometime during the next quarter. Although the release of v2.0 was vital to creating the site’s stickiness and strengthening the current user base, the next release will introduce the ability to save chats to “History,” offer special social media functions and provide the ability to share files. eDoorways is well positioned to quickly outshine other service offerings by connecting real people in “real-time” all of the time.

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