eDoorways Corp. told investors today that it is still on target for the mid-to-late December release of “SOLVE” Beta Version 1.0. The company also announced that it has amassed well over 1,200 additional pre-registrants — those who wish to be first in line for the opportunity to use “SOLVE”.

eDoorways has achieved great visibility from the grass roots campaign launched prior to the company’s unveiling event. Aside from its target audience in Austin, businesses and consumers from across the country have inquired for eDoorways’ next targeted location and are signing up.

“We are leveraging our broad exposure and the strong national interest that is being demonstrated to allow all interested parties, irrespective of their geographic location, to sign up — the first 100 registrants came just days after the unveiling of ‘SOLVE’ back in October,” stated Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation. “Shortly after that, we were over 200. Once we began to see more activity and growth from our social media efforts, we were very confident that we’d have the ability to have at least a thousand pre-registered businesses set to use ‘SOLVE’ this month. Since the initial unveiling of ‘SOLVE,’ we have seen well over 1,200 additional businesses join those who originally signed up.”

“The possibilities are endless and we’ve yet to deploy our full marketing plan,” commented Kristen Claflin, Brand Marketing and Site Monetization Consultant for eDoorways. “By the time we’re into the release of ‘SOLVE’ beta versions 1.5 and 2.0, which are both scheduled for release during the first quarter of the New Year, we’d expect to see our business registrants at least double if not triple.”

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