eDoorways Corp., a web-based consumer problem-solving gateway, lifestyle information source, and online business-to-consumer marketplace, announced today that it has exceeded 20,000 followers on its Twitter campaign. The company has plans to incorporate the use of Twitter and other social media outlets as part of its initial support strategy when the SOLVE doorway version “Beta 1.0″ is released next month.

Ann Collins, SOLVE Project Manager and Social Media Consultant for the eDoorways Corporation, said, “eDoorways has impressively surpassed the 20,000 follower mark in less than three months on Twitter. Many companies are successfully using the connections they have on Twitter to better support their customer base. However, one mistake they make — one that eDoorways is certainly attempting to avoid — is to go after quantity rather than quality when it comes to their contacts.”

Twitter is a great way to gather relevant input about a company’s product and services, as well as provides companies with significant insight into how they can best serve their customers. Collins believes that while she could have easily moved the company past 3x to 5x’s the followers within the same time frame, the best way to get the most out of this social media effort is to build each relationship by hand — one follower at a time. This method has been proven more likely to produce more prospective customers, business, supporters and even perhaps contribute to a company’s growing shareholder base.

Gary Kimmons, Chairman and CEO of eDoorways, commented, “With over 25 years experience, Ann is considered an expert in her field of project management and social media. With her assistance, the efforts we began with our corporate blog to promote corporate transparency has increased tenfold; in fact, with the emphasis shifting away from the blog as a means of communication and over to our twitter account and other social media vehicles. This is truly an exciting time as the relevant input gathered via the social media push has assisted in developing our focus groups and expediting our beta releases beginning with version ‘Beta 1.0′ within the next 30 days or so.”

Ann Collins stated, “Because the social aspect is so important to how each doorway will ultimately function, eDoorways has made it a point to become active and develop relationships in the top existing social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. One of the ways eDoorways has used various social media outlets is to convey the company’s philosophy, strategy and goals, which has been a great method for engaging people in conversations about creativity, empowerment and technology.”

She added, “eDoorways has been very careful to handpick people and companies that are in their target market and who are considered thought leaders, whom they can also learn from. The work they have put into creating these relationships makes them extremely relevant. Not only are they connecting and creating relationships on Twitter, but the eDoorways Facebook fan site is also growing quickly and has become a very active community of people interested in the eDoorways philosophy and the progress of the company’s service offering.”

Those close to the company believe that by the time SOLVE “Beta 1.0″ is released, eDoorways will have several thousand Austin Texas businesses preregistered to use the “real-time” platform. They also anticipate extreme viral growth in 2010 and are inclined to believe a national roll out may occur much sooner than expected.

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