eDoorways Corporation announced that it has completed the primary series of stress tests on the first beta version of its “SOLVE” doorway. Only the user acceptance test remains to declare the platform “road ready,” According to the press release, Kimmons and his leadership team were abuzz with excitement last night as they looked forward to this morning’s peer review.

Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation, stated, “We have put the platform through many rigorous paces, and it has performed up to the expectations we’ve envisioned for our first version of the ‘SOLVE’ beta. For the past two years we have been talking, planning and working toward this moment, and today, with such a long road behind us, I have a feeling of great accomplishment.”

The first version of “SOLVE” will offer premium connectivity between businesses and consumers. Consumers will be able to ask questions and initiate searches. Incorporating the use of PowerKeys, Businesses or Solution Providers with the most relevance will be returned in the top spots of the search list. During this first phase, solution providers will need to be online to get a good search ranking.

“As previously mentioned, we intend to deploy several releases of the ‘SOLVE’ beta,” stated Kimmons. “What we’re doing is no different than what any technology company, such as Google — who happened to have been in beta for nearly four years, does behind the scenes in order to work out the kinks of their service offering; continuously develop and deploy multiple versions of the product until its right.”

Kimmons added, “The only difference with us is, in our attempt to achieve a respectable and responsible level of transparency, while delivering a functioning viable product to the market place this holiday season of 2009, we’re offering the public a look at our beta roll out schedule for ‘SOLVE.’ In our opinion, doing this will assist both shareholders and users to better understand exactly how the platform works today, and what developments to expect over the next year.”

The company has at least 4 additional versions of the beta slated for release during 2010 after the 2009 holiday release of v1.0, beginning with v2.0 (ETA – Late February 2010). The primary release of “SOLVE” will be in the form of Beta v3.0 (ETA – 4th Quarter of 2010). Beta v3.0 is expected to be the first true representation of eDoorways operating as one of the earliest Web 3.0 service offerings within an open source environment.

Kimmons concluded, “The platform for the most part is ready to hit the Internet, and starting with Austin, Texas, we’re going to begin the roll-out shortly providing all goes well today. So all I can say is hold on to your hats because this is going to be one exciting ride!”

Those close to company are also very excited about the holiday release of “SOLVE” Beta v1.0 as it is the year’s most notable milestone for eDoorways.

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