eDoorways Corporation announced this morning that it has had incredible success thus far at the South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival. With a well designed booth, situated on prime convention floor real estate and next to one of the biggest names in web-technology, eDoorways has impressed not only convention attendees but neighboring presenters as well. Showcasing a live demonstration of the eDoorways iPhone® App, along with the heAR Augmented Reality App launched this past weekend by eSee Technologies, eDoorways has increased its user base by signing an estimated 70% of those attendees visiting its booth.

Mr. Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of the eDoorways Corporation, stated, “We are still marveling at the attention our booth has received in just two days. Compliments to its design and presentation are echoed by the high number of physical sign-ups achieved within in the first 48 hours of the festival, along with the caliber of the visitors to our booth. I am confident that this event will serve us positively in the months to come.”

Prepared for the estimated 40,000 people expected to attend the festival this year, Gary Kimmons kicked off the event by addressing the press at the conference’s media event. Giving reporters an overview, Kimmons offered the press a look into an internet service offering geared toward total personalization and access to information through advanced intelligent technologies. Through the power of the revolutionary “PowerKeys,” the significant possibilities of social networking in “pods” and easy access to the “cloud,” Kimmons spoke of an internet that through the use of eDoorways could possibly be more powerful than ever imagined.

Set up with six computers for attendee use, eDoorways representatives are kept busy at the booth, giving around the clock demonstrations of platform. With a couple hundred attendees visiting the booth over the weekend, feedback has been positive with eDoorways registering close to 200 new customers on site. Having been approached by various local, domestic and international companies inquiring about “White Label” opportunities, it’s been suggested that eDoorways’ core functionality could greatly enhance current operations at a variety of corporate and government organizations.

Using SXSW as an opportunity to unveil future developments, the company also demonstrated their iPhone® application. Scheduled to be submitted to the Apple iTunes Store next month, attendees were impressed by the ability to have live multi-level chats on their mobile phones, searching and joining the same exact conversations as those using the demonstration laptops.

“So much of the internet is going mobile and getting there quite rapidly in fact,” stated Ann Collins, eDoorways Social Media Consultant and Solve Project Manager. “It is important that we remain ahead of the curve by developing our mobile platforms parallel too our desk-top web service offerings… if not ahead of it.”

The heAR Augmented Reality Application, which also speaks to the company’s pursuit of a strong and sophisticated mobile presence, was launched over the weekend by eSee Technologies. Designed to give attendees the ability to navigate a virtual guide of the music and film festival, eSee Technologies hopes to afford Apple iPhone® & Android™ phone users (newest models) the ability to point mobile phone cameras at any location participating in the festival and see performance schedules, film schedules, learn about performing artist, tag a location, etc.

As originally anticipated, SXSW is already proving to be an incredible opportunity for eDoorways. With potential funding offers from venture capital firms and inquires from mega size technology companies, eDoorways appears to be gaining momentum and strength. Should eDoorways continue to garner such positive attention, the web-based, social networking and advanced search technology software company could become an acquisition target for any larger tech outfit lacking the component eDoorways can deliver.

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