eDoorways Corp. announced today that within only a few days of unveiling the “SOLVE” doorway, more than 100 businesses have signed up to participate in the remaining phases of the platform’s soft launch. With the number of participating businesses continuing to grow, the company now has solid evidence of its target audience’s interest.

“The question of whether or not small businesses will be interested in the ‘SOLVE’ doorway has clearly been answered,” stated Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation. “The majority of these sign-ups occurred over the weekend and through yesterday evening. If in just three days we’re approaching 200 sign-ups for the purpose of completing the phases of the soft launch, I can only imagine what we’ll look like by the time we’re ready for full consumer interaction in 90 days. Evidence of the potential critical mass is brewing.”

eDoorways initiated a grass roots campaign reaching Austin based businesses and “net gener’s” to introduce the platform at the unveiling event. Using an array of social media forums, direct mailings to thousands of small businesses, street canvassing, videos, radio, outlets provided by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and public forums, eDoorways generated the attention needed to not only have a well attended event, but to also invigorate genuine interest from the people and businesses of Austin.

“We’re just getting started with our marketing roll out plan,” commented Kristen Claflin, Brand Marketing and Site Monetization Consultant for eDoorways. “Within this remaining quarter, there will be a noticeable increase in marketing efforts within the Austin area with an emphasis toward small businesses.”

Many were surprised at the overwhelming results and expect the number to continue growing weekly. If businesses continue to sign up at this rate, a couple of thousand users could be ready for “real-time” interactions through the fully functioning consumer ready version of the platform by the end of this year.

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