One of the principal advantages to investing in eDoorways Corporation is the commitment of the management team to open communication with shareholders. The policy reflects the company’s online orientation, and dedication to the free information flow that has become synonymous with the Web. It’s a refreshing change from many small companies, where information can be slow in coming and short on facts.

eDoorways, scheduled to launch its Web 3.0 platform later this year, is anticipated to be a revolutionary web-based consumer problem solving gateway, combining the best groundbreaking ideas and technologies from the online world to create a totally different user experience for obtaining information and solving problems.

Gary Kimmons, company Chairman and CEO, emphasizes the importance of the company’s various blogs (, and especially the corporate blog (, in supporting a platform of transparency. “We believe initiating the Corporate Blog was one of the best things the company could have done to foster transparency. We receive hundreds of hits daily and field dozens of comments. Good, bad or indifferent we respond to any inquiry, where appropriate or legally permissible, with a sense of responsibility and detail that shareholders deserve. As a developing company trading within the dynamics of any economy, investors need to know the facts in order to make educated decisions that result in long term investments in any company. That’s what we aspire to — achieving long term holders of eDOORWAYS stock.”

Online blogs are only one element of the company’s ongoing communication campaign, which also includes shareholder letters, info packets, and conference calls. The company also takes telephone calls and does its best to respond to email inquiries. The fact that eDoorways has been willing to answer even tough investor questions has helped bolster shareholder confidence, giving it a decided edge over other OTC offerings.

“We welcome it!” stated Kimmons. “We are the ‘real deal’ and as such, willing to do whatever it takes to convey these simple realities to the public. eDOORWAYS will launch. The platform will begin generating revenue within the first four months of our launch. We’re likely to have the second ‘doorway’ operating shortly after the initial launch which will positively affect our initial revenue projections.”

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