eDOORWAYS Corp. announced that it is looking to engage a prominent software and systems engineering firm, Applied Information Sciences (AIS), to assist the company with the ultimate design of the Web 3.0 platform intended to support the unique capabilities of each doorway. This move comes partly on the heels of the company’s strengthening financial position and growing interest from new investment resources.

When eDOORWAYs first planned to simply launch and manage SOLVE through the first few months of its rollout, the company didn’t seriously consider acquiring specialty skills from a veteran technology firm like AIS. For smaller companies like eDOORWAYS, the sort of quality and expert assistance AIS offers, which is usually attached to a price tag commensurate with the clients they keep, is characteristically out of range financially.

Nearing 30 years in the business, having been nominated by the Washington Business Journal as one of the “50 Best Places to Work” boasting over 200 employees and both a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner (the highest partner relationship offered by Microsoft) and an IBM Business Partner, AIS has no shortage of viable projects. However, with the approaching soft launch just a few weeks away, growing investment interest, and the reality of other doorways quickly coming to completion, eDOORWAYS has made it on AIS’ client list.

“There are currently two amazing technology consultancy firms that have worked tirelessly to assist us in delivering a rather incredible and unique service offering to the web,” stated Gary Kimmons, CEO of eDOORWAYS. “However, to be accepted onto the client list of a firm like AIS is truly exciting and a positive indication that we’ve been heading in the right direction. I’m confident that with the help of AIS, the dynamics of what we envision as our ultimate service offering will surely come to life and take flight.”

As of right now, AIS isn’t making any contributions to the current SOLVE doorway that could possibly hinder the launch. The firm is just evaluating the existing technology, looking at market availability, open source options and components, and making enterprise platform recommendations. However, following the October 1st soft launch of the SOLVE doorway, AIS is expected to take a much more proactive role, building the “cradle” for the seamless integration and collaborative operating of the various doorways of the Web 3.0 platform.

“We are extremely pleased to assist eDOORWAYS on the overall development of their platform,” commented Fred Elleman, CEO and Founder of Applied Information Sciences. “We believe eDOORWAYS will help usher in the future of the Internet, and open up a host of options for America’s small businesses. We are very happy to play a part in this and may look to play a greater role in the future should things continue go well.”

eDOORWAYs is undergoing a unique challenge considering that they are building a platform that can effectively serve the lifestyle of future generations. This requires the company to visualize how people are going to live their lives in the future and design an environment that empowers them now for that future. People close to the company strongly believe that AIS is the one firm that can bring reality to the unique technical challenge of making the platform extremely powerful, yet easy to use; in turn, making the business very attractive and profitable.

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