eDoorways Corp. envisions itself as a revolutionary web-based consumer problem solving gateway. The company’s goal is to completely change the way that consumers and both on-line and off-line businesses find each other by matching consumer needs with businesses that offer the best possible solutions.

Chairman and CEO of eDoorways, Gary Kimmons, recently described the company’s business revenue model in a nutshell, “eDoorways will provide a host of attractive free services and features to users that will organically build our platform and provide myriad revenue opportunities.”

When the company’s SOLVE doorway is launched October 1st, consumers will have free access to real-time problem solving and be able to garner competitive information from service providers that bid for their business. These users can also generate communities of like-minded consumers for the purpose of the open exchange of information.

Business owners will also receive free services, including complementary record keeping and sales tracking support, free business listings, and general marketplace information. eDoorways plans on monetizing its services in an organic fashion, by charging for premium connectivity to “gold nugget prospects”, storefront upgrades, private label licensing, targeted marketing, back office support services and more.

For example, while small business owners can access eDoorways for free, “PowerKey” renters will have exclusive claim on “gold nugget” sales prospects, providing these small businesses with conceivably unlimited opportunities for new business generation.

If certain PowerKey categories prove to yield huge business volume, eDoorways reserves the right to raise the “rent” on those PowerKeys based on market demand and an algorithm of usage statistics. PowerKey retailers will have the right to rent or sublease the keys, and transfer their contracts, thereby creating a marketplace within the platform, outside the selling of advertising or individual buy-sell events.

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