eDoorways Corp. announced in its April 9th shareholder conference call that the company is already working on its first iPad app. The company’s CEO, Gary Kimmons, went further, indicating that, when finished, the new app could be different from anything they’ve done before.

eDoorways, known for its ongoing development of an innovative online platform to link business and consumers, is hot on the trail of Apple’s new iPad, seeing it as mirroring eDoorways’ vision of future consumer computing. In anticipation of this growing move toward a more elegant user interface, such as advanced touch-screen technology, eDoorways is designing its entire ecosystem with such devices in mind. The native eDoorways platform is similar to an expanded app, offering simplicity of use and rich information displayed in a concise space. Users can easily navigate the content-rich site, from initial query to final real-time connectivity with people, businesses, and solutions.

Other eDoorways platform features include the interactive expandable display of conversations, which lets users toggle between chats and quickly view new notifications. The same accordion style is used to display people and businesses that are suggested by the search engine, pointing the user to the most relevant connections.

eDoorways’ intuitive and concise user interface is one of the many qualities that is aimed at maximizing the latest computing technologies, such as the Apple iPad. In addition, eDoorways sees iPad as offering support to its integration of the company’s SOLVE and LEARN doorways, due to its inherent mixing of information resources and types. The iPad was recently called “a revolution in mashing up text, video, course materials, [and] student input” by Duke University’s Tracy Futhey. Such mixing reflects eDoorways view of the future, one of cloud computing and flexible collaboration, a perfect fit for iPad and for eDoorways.

eDoorways CEO Kimmons summed it up, saying that the iPad may prove to be the perfect peripheral device to showcase eDoorways’ intelligent performance support capabilities.

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