eDOORWAYS Corp. solidified its plans to introduce a brand new idea to the World’s current internet revenue models with the delivery of its “Power Keys” platform. The company has engaged Real Time Data of Orange County, CA in a software development agreement that will allow eDOORWAYS to license and customize Real Time Data’s proprietary source code for use with eDOORWAYS’ “Power Keys.”

Real Time Data focuses on custom software development, specifically real time systems that contain large databases requiring high throughput and high reliability. Their clients include Technicolor Creative Services, the University of California Berkeley, Neighborhood Housing Services of America and the Bank of American Samoa. Real Time Data has also provided custom development services for ICL Systems whose vehicle logistics reporting system is used by a multitude of vehicle manufacturers including Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota Canada, and Mercedes.

The software company is also known for the real time streaming financial data software used by investors. The software includes data from more than 30 International and US Forex contributors. Their real time equities and futures service provides data from all North American Futures and Equities exchanges including NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, NYMEX, NYBOT, COMEX, CBOT, ICE, and CME.

According to the press release, eDOORWAYS has been interested in the company’s real-time data feed software for the financial markets for some time now. When the data feed software receives subscribed symbols (e.g. “IBM”), it then distributes real time quotes to all subscribers following “IBM.” eDOORWAYS’ “Power Keys” requires similar real-time functionality for business subscribers when consumers search for subscribed keywords (”Power Keys”).

As part of the agreement, Real Time Data will license and modify the data server software to serve “Power Keys” notifications instead of financial quotes, and provide an API to the programming team at eDOORWAYS. Real Time Data will also provide an API designed to notify a Power Keys Expert when a consumer wants to begin a chat.

“eDOORWAYS is extremely pleased to be working with Real Time Data,” stated Gary Kimmons, Chairman and CEO of eDOORWAYS Corp. “Real Time Data’s software has been battle tested on an international level in various markets. The software license we’re acquiring already provides the architecture designed for our needs.”

Because the software has already been extensively tested, eDOORWAYS’ Power Key model will not have to wait until the Beta launch to take flight. The license & customization agreement between the two companies has allowed eDOORWAYS to take a giant leap forward in the development of one of its “big picture” business revenue models. Now with the Power Key function already close to 50% complete, Real Time Data will concentrate the next six weeks in adapting its software to the eDOORWAYS platform — possibly allowing Power Keys to make its debut with the ‘SOLVE’ doorway.

Real Time Data’s proven high throughput, high reliability and high redundancy messaging server technology is expected to greatly enhance eDOORWAYS’ ability to provide non-stop service for eDOORWAYS’ customers.

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