The new and rapidly developing vendor/consumer online network created by eDoorways Corp. bases a lot of its value on the use of what the company calls PowerKeys. PowerKeys essentially allow vendors to buy a link to potentially thousands of targeted consumers, in addition to encouraging their existing customers to communicate with each other and the vendor. By identifying and making claim to a social network of people with a common interest, a vendor becomes a focal point resource for that community. Connecting consumers to each other and to vendors in a focused social network environment is an overall goal of eDoorways.

A good example is CorkSport, an Oregon based company dedicated to offering high level performance products and support for Mazda vehicles. It’s one of the oldest Mazda aftermarket parts producers in the country, now serving Mazda clients around the world, but the company wanted a more aggressive online marketing plan. CorkSport saw the eDoorways Powerkey Channel functionality as a new way to reach and enhance its already large customer base, putting the company ahead of its competitors.

CorkSport Co-Founder, Derrick Ambrose, commented on what eDoorways offers them. “With the upcoming launch of the CorkSport PowerKey Channel, not only will we be able to communicate in real time with our clients in the United States, but our international clients will also have real time access to our company and to each other. We are looking forward to sharing the new developments with our clients and witnessing the great things our customers are doing with our products all over the world using the eDoorways platform.”

eDoorways Chairman and CEO, Gary Kimmons, said, “CorkSport is a great way for us to prove the value of the PowerKeys and our PowerKey Channel model. First off, the revenue potential of this deal is very impressive. Not to mention, we instantaneously have roughly 22,000 new users on the platform; all interacting in a space built just for them. These users get the ability to network in an entirely new way about specific common interest. This is the power of the PowerKey Channel model.”

eDoorways is already seeing interest by other automotive businesses, and has been in talks with several corporate channel prospects.

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