For small businesses in America, a huge gap exists between consumer practice and retail response. While nearly 75% of US consumers use the Internet while shopping for goods and services, only 44% of small businesses have a Web presence. In the online marketplace, small businesses tend to lag far behind the large e-retailers and local competition.

Gary K. Kimmons – founder, chairman, president and CEO of eDoorways – spoke to the reasons why small businesses lag behind in their online presence, “Small businesses often lag behind the competition due to lack of computer know-how and inability to adapt their messaging, resulting in a failure to make vital connections in the online marketplace.”

But now there is a solution for small business owners. eDoorways, a revolutionary new business-to-consumer social network website that makes instant connections between small businesses and pre-qualified, gold nugget sales prospects. The company’s next generation networking interface is unique in that it delivers a real-time collaborative problem-solving venue with capabilities for instantaneously sourcing correct information, products, services and solutions.

In addition, vendors can ‘rent’ or ’sublease’ certain “PowerKeys” (e.g. “bottled water”, “private tutor”, etc.) to generate more prospects and business. This feature, in effect, creates an ‘economy’ within the platform beyond the selling of advertising or individual buy-sell events.

eDoorways will open its initial SOLVE doorway, covering the Austin, Texas market, on October 1, 2009. A market-by-market national rollout is expected to follow. Mr. Kimmons of eDoorways said, “We envision eDoorways as a machine that formalizes how businesses reach prospective buyers in the most efficient way possible. We’re interested in using the Internet as a grassroots economic development tool that will rally and empower America’s small businesses, drive commerce, and encourage job creation.”

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