When eDoorways Corporation recently launched the Beta v1.0 version of their SOLVE doorway, proving that the company is intent on following through with their promises, they were also quick to point out that it was just the first of many releases designed to make the product the best of its kind on the market. SOLVE is designed to provide a unique and flexible link between Internet savvy users and small business, allowing people to better solve problems while providing vendors with highly targeted prospects.

It’s a great idea, but nobody is kidding themselves that it will be a quick or easy process to develop SOLVE to its ultimate potential. The first release only hints at the possibilities, showing for example how the SOLVE dashboard is configured with HVGA elements, making it easy to navigate on a mobile device. The next release, scheduled roughly for late February, will come with increased functionality and enhanced features. Upcoming enhancements for future versions are listed below:

• In the first release version of SOLVE, users need to be online for someone to be able to find them in their search results. In the next version, Solution Providers can be offline, and will be pinged via email or text when someone has asked a question related to their PowerKeys (an eDoorways version of search keywords). The Solution Provider can then log in to eDoorways and join the conversation.

• The new release will have an improved SOLVE dashboard, moving away from the grid-like search results screen to what is called a Search Spiral. This will allow users to swipe through the search results cover-flow style, and retrieve relevant web results, documents, and person-to-person connectivity.

• The Search Spiral also has a Document Tray, into which users can drag and drop articles and documents for later review.

• The new dashboard will have a Media Exchange screen, allowing users to view media, including images, video, documents, and websites, all within special mini-browsers located inside the SOLVE platform. Users will be able to upload and share content by sending it directly to any of their contacts, or by publishing it on one of their favorite social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

• The top menu bar will be improved. Users will be able to easily add and maintain contacts, in addition to recording preferences such as alerts, search radius, privacy, and visibility settings. Users will also be able to contact users who are not online using the new Conversations feature. They can record any messages and chat activity, keeping track of all questions and answers.

• The Join screen will display a live stream of recently asked questions related to chosen PowerKeys. And a Chat screen will handle all multi-user chats, plus allowing document references from the Media Exchange.

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