eDoorways Corporation is hard at work as it prepares to unveil its first doorway, “SOLVE.” While much attention has been given to the Austin, TX launch event, the efforts of the company have gone far beyond the launch date. The company’s current marketing initiatives include reaching out to more than 2,400 chamber members via direct mail campaigns, advertising on the Chamber’s website and newsletter which reaches over 10,000 local businesses and other local business networking sites, as well as individualized campaigns to over 3,000 small businesses in the Austin area and thousands of young adults within Austin’s college community.

eDoorways also told investors today that it is slowly phasing in traditional media outreach. The company believes it will be ready for the Austin consumer markets within 90 days of the initial soft launch phase. In an effort to reach those already familiar with Web 2.0 websites, the company has already commenced a social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to raise general awareness of eDoorways and its services for consumers.

“The strategy is to save our fire power on ‘traditional’ commercial marketing, such as print, outdoor, radio, television, etc., until the platform moves into the upper phases of its soft launch and is ready for consumer input,” stated Kristen Claflin, the company’s Brand Marketing and Site Monetization Strategist. “This is why there is and will continue to be greater emphasis on the attraction of business by way of online advertising and extremely aggressive direct marketing, aimed at not only bringing businesses to the unveiling event, but to pre-sign those businesses for future service after October 1st.”

The company is taking a tactical approach to marketing the event as well. Considering the soft launch has been planned to occur in phases, conserving the marketing budget meant for consumer assimilation is crucial. When the soft launch is in its final stage and the platform is in full service, eDOORWAYS will commence a full out marketing assault.

In the next coming week, Gary Kimmons, Chairman and CEO of eDoorways, is scheduled to personally visit small business owners in the Austin area with the goal of encouraging them to attend the unveiling event. He will also take the time to educate them as to what eDoorways means to the future of the internet as well as small business, ultimately securing new membership.

“With the launch of the ‘SOLVE’ doorway around the corner, the eDoorways team has been actively engaging the Austin community, both business and consumer with the current emphasis on business,” commented Mr. Kimmons. “We’re making sure we have the necessary components in place to properly circle the welcome wagons, roll out the red carpet, and swing the doors open wide to ingratiate ourselves to the community here and unveil the initial phase of our soft launch of SOLVE in high style.”

According to the press release, the company is already fielding various job requests, pre-signing inquires and service offerings. Demand for the event is also high and registration is rapidly filling up. The hotel block the company initially established has required adjustment as registrants quickly filled the block to capacity. It is anticipated that local media will be onsite and the company anticipates a full house come Thursday, October 1st.

“This is an extremely exciting time for eDoorways,” added Mr. Kimmons. “Our mission is to empower both consumers and small businesses by allowing them to connect with one another in the simplest way possible. We believe we will roll through the phases of the soft launch and into the beta form of the platform rather quickly. We intend to have a few weeks where our prospective audience can get familiar with the current GUI as it builds; allowing us to make adjustments though their participation and feedback. We will then invite them to be among the first formally signed up onto the platform before fully opening the doors to consumer interaction. We expect to announce and launch the fully functioning beta version soon thereafter completion of the soft launch phases.”

Those close to the company have expressed extreme enthusiasm. All parties involved with the development and launch of the company’s platform seem to be quite impressed with the positive reaction the city of Austin has demonstrated. Many believe this initial phase of the soft launch will likely set the stage for an explosive fourth quarter.

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