eDOORWAYS Corp. yesterday announced the licensing and customization of Real Time Data’s proprietary source code [real-time data feed software] as a means to expedite delivery and use of its “Power Key” business/revenue model. The web-based consumer problem solving gateway, lifestyle information source, and online business-to-consumer marketplace realized that the software company’s data feed software shared many, if not most, of the underlying principles of eDOORWAYS’ “Power Key” model.

“Formally introducing the ‘Power Key’ web model to the public is very exciting,” stated Gary Kimmons, Chairman and CEO. “Not only will Power Keys change the typical Internet advertising model, but it will also create a revolutionary new online economy of scale not yet seen on the web.”

Unlike Internet revenue models such as Google AdWords, in which the highest bidders receive the best ranking, eDOORWAYS’ “Power Keys” democratizes web commerce, empowering America’s small businesses by putting them on a level playing field with corporate goliaths and ensuring that gold nugget sales prospects are connected with the very best possible vendors that can satisfy their unique demands.

Ultimately, vendors will be able to create “Power Keys” promoting various goods and services, for example, “plumber,” “private tutor,” “house painter,” etc. These keys will be rented for an affordable fee relative to market demand, industry, and the overall status of the economy. Consumers, who have free access to the service, enter a doorway like “SOLVE” with their query (e.g., “my boiler just busted; can I get it repaired or will I need it replaced?”). “Power Key” renters are alerted to the query and have the opportunity to respond, or “ping” the customer, in a real-time environment where they can provide information, answer questions, and bid on the job against other competing local vendors.

“Power Key” renters pay for the rights to premium, real-time connectivity to pre-qualified, gold nugget sales prospects. While anyone can create a “Power Key” category, if no consumers “ping” a category after thirty days, the business does not get charged the licensing fee. Conversely, if certain categories prove to yield huge business volume, eDOORWAYS reserves the right to raise the “rent” on those “Power Keys” based on market demand and an algorithm of usage statistics. “Power Key” retailers can also sublease their keys, giving them the right to transfer their contracts for a financial benefit. This creates a secondary economy within the platform, allowing profits to be derived from sources other than individual buy-sell events

“With ‘Power Keys’, eDOORWAYS transcends the traditional Internet advertising model,” commented Mr. Kimmons. “‘Power Keys’ represent a true breakthrough concerning the ways we think about Internet commerce. This economy of scale model facilitates the ultimate sales connection: the establishment of immediate, cross-the-counter, real-time connectivity.

While most of the advertising on the web provides only a good sense of who’s spending the most dollars, ‘Power Keys’ creates live engagement between vendors and customers while allowing ‘Power Key’ retailers greater profitability through subscribed keyword appreciative values. eDOORWAYS is very excited about this platform, and are eagerly anticipating it to be fully active for its beta launch.

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