eDoorways Corp., the growing online social network and marketplace, has announced the development of “LearnChannels”, a new educational product/service. LearnChannels are a logical extension of the eDoorways PowerChannels, which are essentially specialized social networks formed to accomplish a specific communication objective by bringing together people who share a particular interest.

LearnChannels, still being designed, will focus on providing an effective platform for training and education, and will be a collaborative effort with input from ISTEC (Ibero-Amercian Science & Technology Education Consortium) and the University of New Mexico. ISTEC and UNM have agreed to provide expert guidance and client support to ensure that the LearnChannels concept will realize its full potential.

Two types of LearnChannels are contemplated, with the first used for group-based collaborative learning and the second used for individual self-paced education. It is anticipated that the company’s advanced SmartOne intelligent teaching technology will be leveraged to empower the individual self-learning version of the LearnChannel.

An important aspect of the LearnChannel concept will be ease of use and versatility to encompass all levels and types of education and training. For example, LearnChannels will allow course designers to develop unique learning experiences and to select from a number of teaching modalities.

eDoorways CEO, Gary Kimmons, commented on the new program. “Recent discussions with our associated organizations have made it clear that the time for a new collaborative learning venue such as the LearnChannel is now. In view of the positive reception our PowerChannels are receiving, deploying specialized versions of them in the public and private education markets could prove to be very productive. There are a number of challenges facing our institutions of higher education, such as preparing our young generation for a tougher work environment and striving to effectively apply limited resources. We’re pleased to be able to draw upon the knowledge and expertise that ISTEC and UNM will provide as we roll out LearnChannels. We want to bring a powerful new educational tool to all schools across America.”

Newly-appointed eDoorways board member and founder of ISTEC Dr. Ramiro Jordan stated, “We see big possibilities as these powerful new tools emerge. The LearnChannel can do for educational collaboration what PowerChannels will be doing for information dissemination, cross-cultural sharing and business development. ISTEC will begin testing the functionality of the LearnChannel as soon as eDoorways hands us the keys.”

For eDoorways, LearnChannels also represents a new income source, allowing the company to derive revenue from associated ecommerce transactions, subscription fees, curricula administration fees, and learning accreditation fees. The company could also charge for embedded widgets on websites.

For more information on eDoorways, see the company’s websites at www.eDoorways.com and www.eDoorwaysCorp.com.

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